Mirco Campioni
Mirco Campioni
Mirco Campioni

We were not born to live like brutes.

To know Mirco means to be overwhelmed by a huge wave of pure energy.
This energy lights up his face, guides his words, and leads him on an obstinate pursuit of experimentation in everything he sets his focus on.
To know Mirco also means standing in awe of an exceptional talent. The word “talent” is used in an evangelical way to indicate Mirco’s innate ability to simplify and face the hardest challenges.

As Mirco was growing up in Bologna, he began to feel the need to foster his artistic talents; hence his perusal of art studies and participation in art competitions and festivals. With his coming-of-age, the end of his studies, and the arrival of bigger life responsibilities, the reflection of the world around him suddenly began to take shape. This point also marks the birth of Mirco's rebellion as well as his independence.

He decided to turn painting into his bulwark: driven only and exclusively by his own ideas. Without emulating or imitating anything or anyone, Mirco unleashes his talent and thought. Applied with meticulous craftsmanship mostly on large canvases, Mirco’s painting-influenced by a hyperrealism that goes from Renaissance and Classical maestros to Warhol’s and Man Ray’s pop culture— screams for a desire to belong to the present time as well as to affirm its credo.

For this very reason, Mirco continues to dig into his past. His childhood, his studies, the myths that defined him, his role models, beloved comic books, American cinema icons, and art and literary masterpieces. Among his superheroes and Hollywood icons his favorite is Star Wars’ Stormtrooper. Why? Perhaps it is the least characterized of all figures, the surrogate symbol of our time, or perhaps simply because Mirco sees himself in it.

Mirco portrays it over and over again (even on his own forearm!) until it becomes his most often depicted character. In a way, it delivers a message, Mirco’s own message. It's a message of rebellion and revival from anonymity and mediocrity. He entrusts the Stormtrooper with the task of symbolizing Man and humanity and concreting that revival and ennoblement we endlessly chase in our daily battles. In Mirco’s canvases, the Stormtrooper overcomes his oppressors, takes unexpected revenge, and above all, dismisses the role of simple soldier to embody the greatest ancient art models such as Caravaggio’s basket of memory and Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes.
The replicant gets his revenge and ultimately enjoys the honors of the altar; hope over oblivion, trust and awareness in the means and history of humankind, life’s victory over death. A new kind of humanism that—similarly to five centuries ago—finds its manifesto in the Stormtrooper statue. Stripped from its uniform, it proudly shows Michelangelo’s David’s energetic body, ready for its next challenge.

In the era of istant messaging and global ethics, he stands to bearer of mankind as if to remind everyone look at him the admonition of Dante Alighieri's Ulysses "You were not born to live like brutes!"

Matteo Marsili

Art Critic